CGTURBO STUDIO always dedicate to solve the pain of art research and development for
customers with professional and efficient art assets, reducing the cycle of the research anddevelopment, improving the quality of art.

Focus makes us more professional. With the expansion of Genex of the domestic and foreign
game market year by year, we are blessed to be involved in the production of a large number
of first-line projects at home and abroad. Keep our technical strength to follow up the contin-
uous iteration of the main-trend.

We never stop exploring for Genex. Every breakthrough comes from our devotion and love.
The precipitation and accumulation of technology reduce the communication cost between
a large number of customers and us, which make customers less worry, more assured.


   CGTURBO STUDIO has been deeply involved in the production and iteration of art resources for 《King of Glory》,《 PUBG MOIBLE》, 《Peace Elite》, 《Under the Grand Picture》,《 Swordman Love II Swordsong》, 《FREE FIRE》 . We have a good reputation in the project team, and maintain a long-term healthy cooperation with them.

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What can we do for you?

Do you want to expand your video game world, attract more players, and provide a more engaging
experience that maximizes revenue while reducing risk and cost? We support you.

The core team of CGTURBO STUDIO is from top companies in the industry, such as EPIC GAMES,
VIRTUOS, etc. At least 5-10 years working experience

We have rich industry experience in project management, quality control and production process,

and have experienced the baptism of 3A project.

As the game project design becomes more complex and larger, traditional simple staffing solu-

tions are no longer enough to meet the needs of development and production. What you need
is a passionate, versatile team that can drive the project as hard as any in-house development
team and be an integral part of it. Whether ifs stylized games or AAA hyperrealistic games, our
past project experience shows that we are fully capable of working with you.



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